Clamp Oswell's College Years

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Version History

Standard Edition - This is the version you usually see. A nice sunny yellow logo with practical grey text. Yes.
Hangover Edition - Added with Vol 1-14 to commemorate Clamp's first hangover. The logo, homepage text and footer all went red to represent the angry fuzz you get after too much boozing.

Wells-Fire Edition - Added with Vol 1-34 to commemorate the first time we see the rage of Betsy Wells. The logo was engulfed in flames, and the homepage text and footer went a nice toasty orange.

Rage Edition - Added with Vol 1-35 to accompany Pip's anger at Clamp and Catch. Technically a rage storm was seen in Vol 1-1, but that was the first ever update, so it came with the standard titles. The logo got a storm cloud, the update message was in capitals, and a shitload of exclamation marks were added in various places.
A special birthday sketch to celebrate's first anniversary! Away from my computer and slightly tipsy, this is true art at its finest...

Birthday number two - this time, slightly less tipsy and not away from my computer. Also, I got some actual sketch paper for Christmas so I used that. Quality.

Flashback Edition - Added with Vol 2-18 to commemorate Clamp's first flashback. The logo, home page and footer all went the blue of flashback fog. Also, the dates of the updates flashed back from 2015 to 2005!
Emo-Gloom Edition - Added with Vol 2-21 to accompany Clamp and Catch's journey into the dark emo hell that is Topps' room. The background changed to grey and the homepage text went black, and the update was announced with no exclamation marks at all...

A third birthday doodle - drawn in Myanmar, where I had no computer so that's why I'm uploading it now. Huzzah!

Birthday number 4!

Nightmare Edition - Added with Vol 3-2 to go with Clamp's nightmare about Topps' grave. You could argue that this isn't the first nightmare, as Clamp had one in Volume 1 about his mum talking to his new flatmates. Unfortunately, that actually did happen - so technically, not a nightmare, just a memory. So there!

Purple Edition - Added with Vol 3-6 to commemorate/commiserate Clamp's room being redecorated. The logo and homepage text went purple, obviously!
Fifth Birthday sketch - this one was drawn in Tywyn on the Welsh coast. On the inside cover of a random book...
Catch Posner's College Years - Added with Vol 3-43 to mirror Catch's comic strip. It got meta...
Birthday number 6!

It's birthday number 7!

The Perfect Edition - To commemorate Clamp's brother Harley making an appearance in  Vol 4-8!

Our 8th birthday doodle - celebrating in a totally covid safe way, of course!
Birthday number 9! Sad times, apparently...