Clamp Oswell's College Years

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Topps Tyler



Topps lives in the enigmatic Room 9 of Flat B5, and is technically the Senior Resident for B Block. Employed by UCE, it is his job to live in Halls even though he is in his third year, and look after all the innocent first years. The only problem is, he absolutely hates them, Uni, and in fact everything!

Very early on, Topps marks Clamp as possibly one of the most needy and annoying first years he has ever had the misfortune of living with.

Despite his loathing, Topps does answer to the higher authority of SRHQ, and they make him do things like escort the poor first years to the union.

After a loud argument in B5, it becomes apparent that Topps may be the only man capable of standing up to Betsy Wells... This mystery is furthered when Clamp and Catch discover a framed photo of Topps in Betsy's desk. Later, Sparky discovers a love poem from Topps to Betsy. It comes out that the two of them used to be a couple, however Topps broke up with her, turning her into the jaded monster she is today.

After Topps breaks his leg playing Frisbee, he reveals that he was responsible for planting Emma as a joke.

ARSE TYPE: Manly/Mysterious