Clamp Oswell's College Years

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Princess Gemalia



Living in B5 Room 6 and studying metalwork, Gemalia is never seen without her fairy wings. She instantly entrances Clamp with their first meeting, and soon he is even flushing her toilet for her - make of that what you will!

Gemalia might seem like a princess, but when hungover, she is not above wandering around the flat in her underwear - something that Clamp is quick to notice.

After a while, Gemalia decides to tell Clamp the truth that she is not a real princess, however she bottles out at the last minute.

Even though it seems that Clamp really likes her, Gemalia gets tired of waiting for him to make a move, so ends up kissing someone else at The Union. This person is Guido Hawk, who becomes her boyfriend, much to Clamp's disappointment.

ARSE TYPE: Easy/Feminine/Peachy/Smooth/Tiny