Clamp Oswell's College Years

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Pip Cayman



Pip also lives in Flat B5. Ferociously out and proud, Pip is somewhat of a predator when it comes to the guys - so much so that on his first trip to The Union, he managed to pull the doorman, Security Paul! The two split up however, after Pip saw Paul's hair underneath his cap.

Pip continues to be determned to get action wherever he can, even attempting to get a kiss from Clamp in return for borrowing a top! He finally gets his kiss when Clamp sees Gemalia kissing someone else at The Union. Pip later uses this as an excuse to try and kiss all the guys in B5.

Upon discovering that Clamp is still a virgin, Pip is all too happy to offer his services... they are declined.

Pip studies some sort of Art subject, although his ideas are often a bit too extreme to gain him good marks. As such, he gets jealous of others' success - particularly Gemalia and Mary, whose metalwork is sometimes directly comparable.

ARSE TYPE: Cheap/Easy/Peachy