Clamp Oswell's College Years

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A map of Clamp's flat, just in case you wanted to put all the cream and blue backdrops into some sort of context.
The original 2004 comic as featured on 'The Pool of Knowledge'. This includes all 10 members of B5, without name changes or embellishment. Also, whilst 'Clamp' is only loosely based on reality, most of this actually happened.
If you ever wanted to see how Clamp gets from page to screen, now you can with these extremely low production value videos! Starring me and Alfie, mistakes are at the end!

For your listening pleasure, here you will find the songs 'Taxi Driver From Hell' performed by Chantelle Demicoli, and 'Milk My Mocha' performed by Ryan Child and Chantelle Demicoli. As mentioned in the Encyclopaedia, these were made as part of Third Year Video Production projects in 2007. Both of these songs are Copyright © 2007 Mark Rawlins.

There is also 'Gadget's Remix' - The remix of Clamp and Gemalia's relationship, performed by Myself, Gemma Harris and Liam Mounter

Here you can find the rules to the Conch Drinking Game!
Every time the website changes its look, you can read about it here!