Clamp Oswell's College Years

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Betsy Wells



Betsy is one of the English lecturers at UCE. Right from the start her views are clear, particularly with the name of her first lecture, 'Books Where Men Are SHIT'.

She immediately clashes (foot to nuts) with Clamp when he calls her 'Miss' - he won't make that mistake again...

As well as her lecturing job, Betsy also sometimes appears as a 'Feminist For Hire', intervening in various conflicts between boys and girls. She wields a mean barbed whip to aid her on these occasions. It is on one of these occasions that she has a run in with Topps Tyler, and actually does what he asks!! Clamp and his friends wonder what must be so special about the Senior Resident for Betsy to listen to him? The mystery is furthered when Clamp and Catch find a framed picture of Topps in Betsy's desk... It turns out that the two of them used to be a couple, but Topps broke up with her, turning her into the jaded monster she is today.

We later learn of the friction between Betsy and her fellow lecturer Speedy Stephens. She blames him for the break up of her relationship before she started working at UCE. After he puts her on the UCE Slag List, she retaliates by handing him the dreaded Black Spot.

ARSE TYPE: Functional/Manly/Toned