Clamp Oswell's College Years

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'Clamp Oswell's College Years' follows the escapades of Clamp as he moves into halls and starts his degree. Originally drawn when there was nothing to do on the train journey to work, the comic has amassed literally threes of fans, and so to meet this demand, Clamp's adventures are moving online for everyone to see!


Most of the material is based on real events that students would experience at Uni, as well as those 'Wouldn't it be funny if?' moments that no sane person would ever do - maybe one day there will be a checklist!


The style of the comic has always been homemade (drawn in biro on lined paper) emphasising the idea that anybody anywhere can create something interesting and entertaining (hopefully) and although the transition online may have smartened it up a bit, the brush strokes and chalk colours have all been especially selected to maintain this style - basically if it looks shit like a child drew it, that's what it's supposed to look like so shut up!



5/7/2023 - Vol 5-19!

3/6/2023 - Vol 5-18! 'Final Fantasy' added to the Encyclopaedia!

13/4/2023 - Vol 5-17! 'You're Liars And Criminals' added to the Encyclopaedia! Jobsworth character profile added!